Artistic Statement

A good story, when told effectively, clings to your soul and satiates the mind. There is no stronger experience in developing a physically powerful sense of self than to be catapulted by an emotional connection into catharsis of the body.  It is this sort of storytelling, told through the medium of theatre, from which I derive my meaning and purpose. Nothing brings me more joy than when the opportunity arises to share this effective—and euphoric—storytelling.  My love and passion for the theatre was developed out of the influence of some amazing educators to whom I will be forever indebted. It is with these educators and their influence in mind that I am eager to do the same for others. 

From ancient times theatre has been a communal experience, shared from performer to audience and beyond.  This shared bond is created by many elements but the most prevailing force is that of trust. The communal feeling of trust permeates the minds and hearts of the audience and allows them to take a journey through the imagination, no matter how foreign it may be. This acknowledgement between performer and spectator—that what they are observing, while rooted in a world of make-believe, is based in a real human experience, is what connects us all.  

As a director, I like to work hands-on in an attempt to create constant physical action amongst my performers – pushing them to go further than they believed they could, or in ways different from what they considered.  I am fascinated by spatial awareness and how to use performers in tableaus, thereby creating visually captivating stage pictures.  Movement-based theatre is my focus and my goal as a director is to help keep theatre physically dynamic.