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Review Highlights

“Autrey’s performance is notably exhilerating and hilarious.” – Karen Mason, Onstage Colorado 

“Thanks in part to terrific casting on the part of director Nathan Autrey, the entire group of performers deliver superb performances.” – Karen Mason, Onstage Colorado

“New Artistic Director puts Breckenridge Backstage Theatre back in the limelight.”
– Eli Pace, Summit Daily

“Autrey directs Folsom in Lenny Bruce is Back, guiding the actor securely and smoothly in negotiating the taut line between theatrical performance and fourth wall breaking stand up delivery.” – Alexandria Bonifield, Critical Rant

“The most talented, young director in Dallas, Nathan Autrey”
– Lawson Taitte, Dallas Morning News

“He moves the characters well and also does a good job of modulating the show’s pace to suit its moments.” – Punch Shaw, Fort Worth Star Telegram

“Director Nathan Autrey has pulled impressive, disturbing performances from Wheeler and Venters (in her Dallas debut) as the twins.” – Lawson Taitte, Dallas Morning News

“Director Nathan Autrey inserted a collection of brilliantly-posed tableaux.”
 – Laurie Lynn Lindemeier, The Column

“Director Nathan Autrey and his cast of two make it look anything but rudimentary.”
Lawson Taitte, Dallas Morning News